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Literacy Services

One in every five Connecticut adults 16 years of age and older reads at the lowest literacy level (about fourth grade or lower). More than half of all Connecticut adults have at least one major educational barrier to employment such as lack of a high school diploma, no college education or limited English language skills. We believe that lifelong learning and literacy are critical to personal and economic success as well as a vibrant society. Our individualized literacy, language, cultural and vocational instruction is designed to improve people’s lives at work, in their families and communities. We offer:

Basic Literacy: Volunteer tutors work one-on-one with learners to improve English reading and writing skills so they may achieve goals such as reading classified ads, completing job applications, getting a driver's license or acquiring a high school equivalency or GED certificate.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): Adults work in small groups to improve their conversational English skills so they can meet communication and life skill needs. While some are illiterate in their native languages, others are highly educated. All are highly motivated and share the mission of succeeding in this country.

Workplace Education: Customized literacy instruction, training and retraining services are offered on-site to meet the unique needs of your employees. We conduct interviews with supervisors and employees, analyze written materials and procedures and develop a comprehensive workplace literacy program including job and task specific training and tutor materials. For more information about our services call 203-368-5526 or contact Paula Reed , Program Coordinator.

External Diploma Program: Busy adults can earn a high school diploma through independent study where they demonstrate that they have acquired basic and life skills at the high school level. This works well for motivated adults and those who are not comfortable with standard testing. For more information about our services call 203-368-5526 or contact Paula Reed, Program Coordinator.

For more information about our services call 203-368-5526 in the Bridgeport area or (203) 853-7437 in the Norwalk area or contact Paula Reed, Program Coordinator.


Many of our service are delivered or enhanced with the efforts of volunteers. For information about volunteer opportunities, click here.

Download Literacy Volunteers Brochure (PDF Format)